Joslin Group has a well established service department. We provide the same service approach, single source as we do in the design-build divisions of our company. We recognize the need from hotels, retailers, and restaurants for our single source services.

On many occasions, repairs require general carpentry, plumbing, electrical, fire-sprinkler, etc. as part of the complete remedy. Because Joslin Group is a general contracting firm with 20 specialty licenses, we can repair the problem through our ability as a single source service contractor.
If the repair requires design, then we simply design a method to rectify the problem through our architectural engineering division.

Joslin Groups service department has a 24 hour – 7 day a week on call emergency service should you require any repairs for general carpentry, plumbing, air-conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, boilers, sheet-metal, ventilation etc... etc…

Our service department offers our clients a full package, single source, preventative maintenance contract agreement.If you are a preventative maintenance contract client, then you are one of our preferred status customers. Preferred status customers also receive a reduced hourly rate for all of their general contracting, mechanical, and electrical repair needs.Besides performing a thorough maintenance for all your needs, we also follow up with recommendation’s and proposals to insure you have all of the facts and figures necessary on a monthly basis to use foresight and avoid down time of vital equipment required to operate your establishment in the most efficient manner. When you need all of your equipment to be operating to maximize your revenue than you have made the right choice by using Joslin Group.  Call us today to discuss your maintenance and repair needs 871-2653, or email 

​​Service Department