Joslin Group

Proudly Serving the Islands

with over 30 years of experience

​​​​General Contractors​ #BC-14332

​Joslin Group holds the following 20 specialty licenses

The Joslin Group is well known for problem solving abilities and the enthusiasm of our Design-Build, Install, & Services Teams for a successfully completed project. Working closely with local regulatory agencies to insure timely job permits and inspections, Joslin Group assists our clients in obtaining Certificates of Occupancy, Food Establishment permits, variances (if required), and liquor licensing. 

Adhering to budgets through the design and methods of construction, Joslin Group ensures all stages of construction are closely controlled. Our extensive experience and diversified staff insure a code-compliant and quality-driven project completed on time & within budget.

C31a - Cement & Concrete

C32a - Wood & Vinyl Fencing

C37   - Plumbing

C40   - Refrigeration

C42a - Aluminum & Other Metal Shingles

C42b - Wood Shingles & Wood Shales

C43   - Sewer, Sewage Disposal, Drain, & Pipe Laying

C44   - Sheet Metal

C48   - Structural Steel Contractor

C52   - Ventilation & Air Conditioning

C4   - Boiler,  Water Heating, Steam Fitting

C5   - Cabinet, Millwork, Carpentry Repair & Remodeling

C6   - Carpentry Framing

C10 - Scaffolding

C12 - Drywall

C13 - Electrical

C17 - Excavating, Grading & Trenching

C20 - Fire Protection

C24 - Building, Moving & Wrecking

C25 - Institutional & Commercial Equipment